Rammrath Realty Ventures History of Achievements


  • In 2011 the firm completed its first ground-up build-to-suit for Goodwill Industries of South Texas. They are so pleased with the finished product that our design will now become their standard for all future buildings.  We have just completed our 10th project including a 20,000sf job training center in Edinburg, Texas.

  • In late 2008 we purchased a two building project located along the primary retail corridor of Texas City (FM 1417 – Palmer Hwy). Building One was spun off to Aaron Rent’s as they prefer to own the building when it is one of their better performing stores. Building Two was initially occupied by Hollywood Video until they filed Chapter 7 in early 2010. By December 2010 three new leases were completed with Schlotzsky’s Deli, H&R Block, and Verizon and the center is now 100%.
  • In 2007 we acquired a totally vacant 25,000sf retail center located at a prominent and highly visible southwest Houston intersection. It will be demolished in order to develop a beautiful brand new center. Worst case, we sell the land for almost double it’s purchase price. Once again we made our profit on the day we bought it.

  • We used proceeds from the Klein Church Plaza sale to purchase a 173,500sf power center in the burgeoning Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. As with most prior purchases, Resaca Village was a tired old center in need of a new image. We are happy to report the “new” Resaca Village is the talk of Brownsville and occupancy in late 2008 was an astonishing 100%. The center continued to cash flow nicely even during the tumultuous economic downturn of 2009-12. It was sold in an "off market" transaction in 2014. The partners saw their initial investment grow 10 fold.
  • In 2006 we completed our first ground-up development in Temple, Texas. A closed down 14,000sf movie theater was converted to an ACE Hardware, an additional 12,000sf of new retail space was built, and a brand new free standing restaurant for Domino’s Pizza was also constructed. Once we reached 100% occupancy, the project was sold to a California investor for a healthy profit.
  • The market for stand alone crane served manufacturing facilities began to heat up in 2005. We made an excellent buy on an older building and after an extensive renovation we executed a long term lease with a growing local company. Their business grew so rapidly that we sold this 40,000sf facility in 2008 in order to assist them in developing an 85,000sf ultra modern plant and office complex.

  • With proceeds of the sale of the Pasadena center we purchased the High Meadow Center, a 54,000sf grocery anchored center located at 3900 Aldine Mail Route in north Houston. An extensive renovation has been completed as well as the construction of a 3,600sf pad building. The tired old property was only 50% occupied at purchase and has maintained an impressive 90-100% occupancy. The High Meadow was sold to a Dallas investment group in 2013.
  • In 2004 a 1.46 acre site was purchased in Lumberton, Texas, a small town northwest of Beaumont that is seeing phenomenal growth. The site is located just south of a brand new Super Wal-Mart along the primary north/south artery of State Highway 69/287. While the plan was to develop a new retail center on the site, an attractive offer to buy the land outright made it hard to pass up.

  • In 2002 we identified another “turn-around” play in the growing and vibrant Champions/Spring/Louetta area of north Houston. The Klein Church Plaza was a classic example of mis-management. In less than three months we increased the occupancy from 60% to 90% and completed a major remodeling of the façade. Now at full occupancy, the value of the 24,000sf retail center has increased by 120%. It was sold in September 2006.
  • In order to diversify the portfolio we began researching the Dallas market. In 2001, we closed on a two tenant industrial building located in the desirable Telecom corridor. The rents were very low so the building was remodeled, re-tenanted, and the value increased by 50%. It was sold in 2005.
  • A single tenant 10,500sf office warehouse building was purchased at a tax sale in late 2000 for only $75,000. We remodeled the facility and is now conservatively worth $450,000. It remains occupied by the original tenant

  • The proceeds of the Spring Valley retail center sale were rolled tax-free into the purchase of the Frey James Center on the Gulf Freeway directly across from Almeda Mall. Because of its excellent freeway location and exposure, the Center has remained full and cash on cash returns exceeded expectations. So much so that in early 2006 a local investor offered a $1ml premium, an offer we couldn’t refuse.
  • In 1997 we acquired a 24,000sf retail center near Spring Valley. The area was an older transitional neighborhood so we were careful to buy it right in order to plan for the future. At only 62% occupancy we still made 10% on our initial investment. Once we reached 88%, the property was put on the market and subsequently sold for its asking price.
  • In 1996 we purchased a retail center in Pasadena from a local bank. In less than one year the center was fully leased (it started at 55%). The revised cash flow represented a 40% annual return on the equity invested. Based on this excellent cash flow, a local investor offered us a price that was over twice what we paid so the property was sold in 2005. The partners made 8X their original investment but still chose to exchange into a larger deal.
  • The second property was a 65% occupied retail center near Hobby Airport. The vacancy was filled and annual cash flow for the 13,500sf center increased by $20,000. We were able to sell the center for a nice profit less than one year after purchase.
  • We used the proceeds of the above sale to acquire TWO additional properties. One was a run down and vacant multi-tenant warehouse near the Medical Center. After an extensive remodel and facelift we leased the entire 16,000sf in only seven (7) months. The property was sold in September 1999.
  • Purchased a small retail strip center in northwest Houston. The property was only 60% occupied. We leased the remaining space, cleaned up a collection problem, re-negotiated the lease of the anchor tenant (to our favor of course), sold the center, and doubled our money within two years of purchase.
  • Bought 10 acres of deed restricted industrial park land in 1995. Within two years we sold 5.5 acres, recouping all our original investment and then some. The balance was sold off one year later. We more than tripled our original investment.
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